Goose Island Brewhouse

Established in Chicago in 1988, Goose Island is known for award winning, expertly crafted beers. Goose Island endeavours to brew beers worthy of conversations, debates and celebrations – we don’t need to be the only beer you drink, we just want to be the best beer you drink.

Goose Island Brewhouse - Beer company Chicago Brewery

To this day, we remain relentless in our craft.

We live to experiment and explore, constantly innovating how we brew and age our beer, because like you, we love discovering a great beer and that mission hasn’t changed since John Hall first started Chicago’s first craft brewery in 1988.

Goose Island - Cream Egg Limited Edition

Problem > solution


The way to excite the curiosity around beer is to share our pioneering spirit when comes to the craft of beer and craft experiences. Goose Island brew beers, worthy of conversations, debates and celebrations.

Goose Island brings the storied Chicago brewery to the global stage with a fresh take on the pubs that started it all.

Goose Island Brewhouse - Outside one of our Franchises

The Goose Island Brewhouse should...

  • Put beer at the center.

  • Bring customers closer to craft beer culture.

  • Expose the process of beer making.

  • Feel grand yet not overwhelming while keeping a sense of comfort.

  • Provide a best-in-class beer experience.

  • From copywriting, to environmental and experiences, every touchpoint should reflect our principles as they are the key messages rooted not only in our past, but also our vision for the future.

What our consumers expect from a Goose Island Brewhouse…

  • Vintage Ale Bar: Consumers get excited about exploring new beer flavors. The Vintage Ale Bar was created to celebrate our unique vintage portfolio. It is a core feature we own because the vintage line was pioneered and mastered by us.

  • Barrel-Inspired: These vessels represent our unique and pioneering approach to the craft of beer making, and the care and creativity we all bring to all we have in store.

  • Urban: We are born of a storied American city and its industrial roots.

  • Raw to Refined: Real raw “ingredients” co-exist with refined design, in an ode to the spectrums of our passion-driven beer-making process.


Goose Island Brewhouse - Field of Hops and Barley


One thing you may NOT know about Goose Island, is that we grow our own hops, so that you can enjoy the best IPA. Out West in Idaho is our own hop oasis, Elk Mountain Farm, producing some of the world’s greatest hops.

What’s so great about a hop farm you may ask? At Goose, we get to own the whole process from seed to sip. No other brewery can do this the same way that we do. We take time and care to make quality beer from our grown ingredients. We truly love our hops, and you can see with our new packaging that they are now front and centre. We are a hardworking bunch, and the toil and passion we put into growing our hops is proof of this.

Goose Island Brewhouse - Brew Taps


We serve a variety of our award-winning beers. From the English-style bitter that started Goose all the way to our innovation lines and seasonal variety, our brewhouse highlights the deep passion and care we invest in our craft. We also serve partner brews and offer a full bar from local suppliers.

Goose Island Brewhouse - Hot Dogs and 312 Goose Island


Inspired by beer, the approach to food is simple and slow cooked. Exposing the craft of cooking with smoke and bare flames, the menu is curated into different categories that represent either a brewing ingredient or process, while having a strong modern New American feel.

Goose Island Brewhouse - Eating Together


Goose Island Brewhouse should feel more like a cool dinner party than a lecture. We want people who meet there to bond over learning a craft. Example events: Beer Making 101, Guided Beer Tasting, HomeBrewing 101, Butchers’ Club.

concept look & feel

Goose Island Brewhouse - Dining Experience


Our spatial experience was designed as an open plan with a central focus and with ancillary features throughout where you can enjoy learning, exploring, tasting, and simply having a beer.

Goose Island Brewhouse - The Barrel Room

The Barrel Room

Some Goose Island Brewhouses have a private dining room called The Barrel Room, which is a charred-wood clad upscale lounge space inspired by the barrel making and aging process designed with comfort in mind to allow users to savour unique brews.

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We’re building a lasting company by brewing beer and brands that continues to bring people together now and for years to come.

With centuries of brewing experience, we’ve seen countless new friendships, connections, and experiences built on a shared love of beer. Everything we do drives us towards our dream of bringing people together for abetter world.

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